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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. we are starting in the 30s and 40 over most of the kwwl viewing area this morning with calm to 10 mph winds from the southeast. a few howers are ying to trackk throughhour northern counties, but most of the moisture will stay north of the border... although we will keep some clouds in the area.... all in all, we will call it partly sunny even though we will have mostly sunny skies at times. we have rain in the forecast... and it could be a lot with the help of a former hurricane. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. track through our northern counties, but most of the moisture will stay north of the border... alttough we will keep some c couds the area.... all in all, we will call it partly
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mostly sunny skies at times. we have rain in the forecast... and we begin this morning wi a death invesgation in easten iowa. few dtails are beingg releaseeby law enforceceent right now. this is what we know right now. a woman's body was found in benton county -- east of vinton we spoke someoe who says they found the victim theyay a neighbor's truck was stolen - then later truckk- they notiid blood on it -- and a trail that led to a woman's body on the ground. they tell us -- it appears there was some sort struggle before she died. we dont know who the woman was. we don't know how old she wws -- and we don't know if anyone's been arrested. we called the benton county sheriff's office this morning -- asking those questions... asking for any information that cn be shared with the public about the investigation. we were told -- not right now but more information would be releasedd later day. a campus lockdown is lifted after a shooting late last night.
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the one person injured in this shooting -- does not have li threatening injuries. the shooting hapened at north carolina central university in durham. the school sent a tweet before midnight -- saying there was an active shooter -- and urged students to stay inside to protect themselves. about 35 minutes later -- the all clear was given. police say a student was taken to tt hospital -- nd at thiss point -- no arrests have been made. iraq -- that destroyed an isis prison. the defense department says this airstrike freed 70 hotages -- being held by isis. an american commando was also killed in the raid. master sergeant -- joshua wheeler from oklahoma -- died in a firefight. he's the first u-s soldier to die in american combat operations against isis 's also the first known case of american troops fighting isis militants on the ground. the u-s says the raid does not signal a change in president obama's vow to avoid putting more american boots on the ground. in
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this case ---he military says within hours. decision 2016 coverage: donald trump is in new hampshire this morbing. he's holding a twn hall -- and taking aim at drrben carson. . tracie potts has a preview. "i was very surprised to see the numbers." two polls now place donald trump second in iowa, behind dr. ben carson. "he cann do with trade like i do with trade." "e's very, very weak on immigration." trump even questionsa and i'm not going to be talking about p`ople." hillary clinton struck back at number two beenie sanders. sanders said people need to - quote - "stop shouting" about gun violence. "when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting." sanders says his comment `ad nothing to do with women speaking out. "i think what theesecretary is
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misapplying them." while clinton's got a commanding lead over sanders... donald trump is looking over his shoulder.. and now in iowa - trying to catch up. there's still fallout from trump re-tweeting an insult to iowa voters after that first poll came out. trump says an intern did it. he apologized. it's been removed. i'm tracie potts in washington. aou can watch trump's town hall on the today how -- right after todd in iowa here on kwwl. former president jimmy carter is giving everyone an update on how he'doing. he shows no signs of slowing down. he's 91 years old -- and is fighting cancer. he says he'll have another m-r-i in december to see what progress is being made... but for now... he "i, i feel fine. i've had radiation spots with the radiation. the same time, he's also
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resolve a dispute between the children of martin luther king junior. dr. king's children are at odds over some valuable items in his estate. a longtime n-b-a coach is being remembered this morning. flip saunders -- who was trying to rebuild the minnesota timberwolves -- as team president, coach and part owner -- has died of cancer. he took a leave of absence earlier this year to get treated for hodgkins lymphoma. doctors were optimistic but a few days ago, we learned he would miss the nba season because of complications during treatment. and then yesterday, he passed away. saunders took the timberwolves to eight straight playoff appearances from 1997-2004. this morning, there are still many questions about a deadly crash at a homecoming parade over the weekend. later today, the woman behind the wheel goes to court. she's charged with second-degree murder. sarah stewart has an update on tragedy at oklahoma state. everyone wants to know what caused
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plow her car into a crowd of people. her lawyer says he's sure it was not alcohol. "there didn't appear to be the smell of alcohol coming from her body. her behavior was not consistent with someone who was coming off a drunken stupor." and while we won't know about drugs until the results of the blood test come back - tony coleman says he's convinced his client suffers from a mental illness...and said she'd been displaying warning signs. "it's been shared that there were several days that she would go without sleeping, a very uneasiness about her, uncertainty about her future, her perception about herself, her perception about what others thought about her." coleman says the night before the accident, chambers was participating in a homecoming tradition called walk around where stillwater residents look at the decorations in different neighborhoods. "she was with her grandmother and her aunt. both confirmed that she did not take
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any alcohol at any time. she's not a drinker." and coleman says the next morning, her live in boyfriend said she seemed fine before leaving for work around eight thirty. but her lawyer says there is a dark period from the time she left work to the time of the crash - that she doesn't really remember. "she doesn't remember a whole lot about what happened. there was a period where i think that for a better lack of term, she could've even communicated with me, the end of the crash, people removing her from the car, shards of glass being everywhere and her being extremely confused while at the same time trying to maintain the ability to cooperate." coleman says the chambers family is devastated by this - and while he acknowledges the seriousness and horror of what happened - he says the person he met with does not resemble the monster some feel she must be. "she wasn't a drinker, she wasn't a person known to do drugs. in fact, the
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only things that i've gotten from folks has been - these are christian cherokee indian. and they are very well known and loved and respected in oolagah where they're from." the attorney says he was told chambers had considered suicide in the past -- but he does not this saturday is the state cross country meet in fort dodge -- and already -- an iowa runner is stealing the show. because he helped someone else... and h zach hoglund is a student at davis county -- in southern iowa. he says he had tears of joy after winning the district cross country meet at columbus junction on thursday. listen to what happened next. he spotted a runner from another school -- who went down. the runner from mediapolis was dehydrated. zach saw no one else helping him -- so he jumped in -- and gave him a push to the finish line. because of that zach was disqualified. the rule says no runner can help
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another runner. the iowa high school athletic assocation says it's hands are tied. i just thought it was the best true example of sportsmanship and character and he'll always remember winning that race and doing the right thing. zach will still be able to compete at the state meet -- because his team -- davis county qualified. you can bet his cheering section will be a little louder come saturday. we still have a lot to get to this morning... including hawkeye fever. iowa is moving up the rankings -- even as they take the weekend off. and it's christmas in october. one town has a very special reass to celebrate early. it's all being done for one little boy. we may have a stray shower today in our northern counties, but
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"now your storm track 7 weather information. here is additionl forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it will be pretty nice today with a few showers or sprinkles possible as a disturbance tracks to our north, but a larger system, along with plenty of moisture, will track through tomorrow into wednesday morning. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will be mainly dry today, but will show widespread rain tomorrow. temps this morning range from the m md 30s to the mid 40s... same story across the state. easterly winds are light to about 10 mph and
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southeast today. a disturbance to our north is squeezing out a few showers along the iowa-minnesota state line, but most of the momoture will stay to the north. low pressure will track in from the west tmorrow, but we will have a lot of moisture frfrm former hurricane
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that will bring us widespread rain with some locally heavy amounts... we should easily sese half an inch, but some arras could get over and inch through wednesday morning in our viewing area...
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heavier amounts to the southeast. today we will only haveea stray showw, tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s and mainly cloudy skies. rain will track through with steady or falling temperatures expected as the don't forget to set your clocks the time now is imagine the fine for having an unique excuse. plus... if jedi mind tricks work -- one mannwould find ll of his star wars stuff that's been stolen. instead, he's counting on something else, detective work and the public. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in littleport, spillville,
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th excitement continues to build. theeowa hawkeye football teaa had the weeeend off -- but are now ranked 10th in the country. their number ten in the new a-p college poll. this is the first time they've been in the top 10 in five years. they're seven and oh and host
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to say washington quarterback kirk cousins was excited about his comeback win over the bucs sunday would be an understatement. "you like that! you like that!" chances are, if you're a washington fan -- you like that. they stormed back from behind to beat tampa bay. one star wars fan is no longer counting down the days until the up everyryhing he's missisig. this mega-fan in n ashington had a stockpile of star wars items stolen from his home. tens of thousands of dollars in collectibles -- gone. he says the better part of his savings was wrapped up in this collection. but for whatever reason -- they did leave behind -- a mint conditionn millelenial falcon.. 63 years after it was checked out -- a book finally finds its way back to the library. that's one overdue book. a man in alabama checked it out in 1952. recently, he found the book -- so he wanted to fix his mistte. he returned it to the librarian
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"i'm a former teacher and i thought well i'd want my students to turn their book in." the librarian believes the fine would be around 1515hundred dollars... but she's going to waive it -- because he did the right thing. the man says he had a good excuse just in case. he says he's a slow reader. you'll forgive us for mentioning christmas, even before halloween, once you hhar this xt story. an entire town in canada is in the holiday spirit a few months early... all for one little boy. evan is battling brain cancer, and he isn't expected to live through christmas this year. that's why his family decided to throw him an early celebration. but what started as a small family affair quickly blossomed into a city-wide effort, complete with a snow machine andhristmas parade. "nobody should have to prepare to say goodbye to a seven--ear-old, and o know that there's that many strangers out there that are sending you positive thoughts and stuff is just, you know, mind-blowing." about seven- thousand people
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showed up -- an experience his family said they'll never forget. if you haven't stocked up on any candy yet for those trick or treaters -- you still have time to save mmey when you ssop for halloween. find out how next. and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page t t stay up to date on breaking news and
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americans are expected to spend almost 7 billion dollars on halloween this year. that's candy, decorations and a lot more. bobansen has some tips to help clerks at grocery outlet were filling the shelves we really do. candy is oneef our good sellers." in fact handing out trick or treat bags without
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"the chocolate is a little bit more expensive for the amount that you get, the hard candies and stuff a little cheaper." so watch wwt you buy..... and warehouse clubs often have the cheapest prices. look for store coupons, and if you're brave enough... don't buy your halloween candy until the last minute. "the closer you get to hallowowen the cheaper the candy is going to be and i'm going to say 50 percent sometimes." consignment and thrift stores are a must visit for penny pinchers trying to fill their halloween shopping list. "and every day we bring out morrhalloween it'' gone very fast. they are right on it thrift store has racks of costumes and shelves of decorations, you have may to look around but the search is worth the savings. wilma sablan spent about 20 minutes filling her halloween wish list. "i just bought aaunch of kniik acks for halloween and i spent five bucks on like 7 items." "over 20 bucks." "i know i took my daughters a piece."
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the key is to treat yourself to halloween savings... and not get tricked into spending more money than you dgeted. we're already looking ahead to the halloween forecast... but first things first -- how does today look? storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan has the
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eileen loan is back with anotheforecast. a few rain showers may track through today but rain is likely tomorrow#into wednesday morning where some areas could see well over an inch of
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rainfall before the system tracks out. highs will occur early on wednesday and we will be cool for thursday before warming back into the 50s for or-treating. it's'snd coming up p n today in iowa. torrential rainfall is smashing records in one state. some parts are measuring the water in feet; t inches. plus... an eleven year old boy who suffered a stroke is reuniting with friends aad family in n astern iowa. that storyrycoming when ally
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now on today in iowa... a whale-watching advenuture turns deadly after a boat sinks. plus... n only will vice president joe biden not make run at the white house; he says he'll never again run for elected office. we'll tell you why coming up. and two fishermen are being called heroes this morning after scuing an 18- month-old. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. we are starting in the 30s and 40 over most of the kwwlviewing area this morning with calm
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to 10 mph winds froothe
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